Thursday, May 12, 2005

Focus on the Constitution

The address and title of this blog refer to the Constitution of the United States. That wonderful document established the mechanisms and structures for the operation of our Federal government and limited the powers of that government over the lives of the people. And it did one other thing. The Preamble stated in general terms the goals that we wanted our government and our country to strive for - Establish Justice, insure Domestic Tranquility, Provide for the Common Defense, Promote the General Welfare, and Preserve the Blessings of Liberty. Everything worthwhile and good done by the government generally falls within one or more of these goals. And when the government acts without regard to these goals it is generally doing damage to our nation and its people.

One need only look to the Patriot Act; preemptive war (AKA snipe hunt for WMD); unimaginable and destructive deficit spending; destruction of the middle class by elimination of a truly progressive tax burden; attacking the independence of our judiciary (which is the only protection we have from theocracy and despotism); jeopardizing our security by creating adversaries; weakening alliances and stretching our armed forces to the breaking point; government interference in personal family decisions; and turning the Congress into a one party dictatorship of the leadership, to know that precious little attention has been paid to Preamble and the Constitution of late.

These and many other areas will be the subject of my posts. I love my country and I love its institutions. It hurts me grievously to see what is happening and I will add my voice to the many seeking to return to the more balanced, thoughtful, compassionate, respectful and progressive country the founders intended.

Gary L. Norton

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