Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Attacking Iran Isn't Just Dumb, It's Illegal and Wrong

Almost all the discussion about the Administration's plans to attack Iran focus on how stupid that action would be. Success is doubtful, there is no threat, it will inflame the region, our troops in Iraq will be placed in further jeopardy, it will drive the Iraqi Shia further into the arms of the Iranians, etc.

But maybe the starting point should be that such an attack would be illegal, immoral and just plain wrong. How have we become a nation so eager for war. The U.N. charter does not sanction this type of action. Iran has not threatened us. We do not have the right to simply declare that a nation cannot develop nuclear weapons. Our posture is insane. It is difficult to find an apt historical analogy for this Administration's assertion of the right to fight aggressive war.

If we do this, we will truly be the world's foremost Pariah Nation.

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