Saturday, February 17, 2007

Is Don Young a Saboteur Who Should Be Exiled or Hanged? He Seems to Think So.

We all know that Rep. Don Young put words in President Lincoln's mouth on the floor of the House during the debate on the "Surge," AKA "Escalation," Resolution. He quoted Lincoln as saying

"Congressmen who willfully take action during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs, and should be arrested, exiled or hanged,"

The lie in Mr. Young's statement has been exposed by many sources, including the washington Post. But even after having been exposed, Young's spokesman said

"Now that he's been informed these are not the actual words of Lincoln, he will discontinue attributing the words to Lincoln. However, he continues to totally agree with the message of the statement," Kenny said. "Americans, especially America's elected leaders, should not take actions during a time of war that damage the morale of our soldiers and military -- and that is exactly what this nonbinding resolution does."

Really. Well if that's the case, then based on what the Esteemed Gentlemen from Alaska said while our troops were fighting in Kosovo, his arrest followed by exile or hanging are long overdue. From Mr. Young's web site, this is what he had to say about Kosovo.

First, U.S. involvement in Kosovo was illegal because a President cannot take the country to war without Congressional authorization

“Today’s votes provide a constitutional backdrop for the debate over the war in Kosovo. The Administration is waging war without the authority of Congress. The Administration has taken actions to place U.S. troops into combat without Congressional authorization. Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war, not the president,” said Alaska Congressman Don Young.

Furthermore, just because troops have already been committed to the fight did not mean that a person like Mr. Young should stay quiet in order to not undermine the morale of the troops. On the contrary,

Congressman Young said “We continue to place our young persons in direct harm, I think about those in Alaska who are serving their country like those who are flying F-15's and tanker crews who are supporting our fighting team. Yet, these patriots are serving there country without knowing what the end-game mission will be in bombing Kosovo. The president has failed to address what the mission is and what the exit strategy will be to bring our men and women home.”

And lest there be any doubt that his view applied only to the Kosovo situation Mr. Young made clear that the principles upon which he stood applied to all such cases -

“I have been a proponent for Congressional authority to declare war. I believe the president must consult, and receive approval by Congress before sending our sons and daughters into dangerous countries such as Kosovo.”

So there you have it. While U.S. troops were in combat in Kosovo, Mr. Young subverted the President and damaged the morale of the troops by charging that the mission was illegal. Not only that, he undermined the military and the morale of the troops by saying that their mission was unclear and that they were locked in a never ending battle with no exit strategy.

While some years have passed since Mr. Young's treasonous conduct there can be no statute of limitations for a crime as heinous as his. It is time for the U.S. Marshals to come calling.

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